Qualified Sales Calls On a Pay-Per-Show Basis

We help businesses, coaches, consultants & agencies turn cold prospects into paying customers through cold email and outreach systems

Why Us

Outreach systems that get results

Pay Per Show Appointments

You only pay for the meetings with qualified prospects that show.

Pre Vetted Appointments

We call and qualify every prospect before scheduling them in for an appointment with you.

Completely Hands Off

You’re only taking calls with ideal clients who are in need of your services. We handle the rest.

Case Study

27 meetings in 10 weeks

We helped Scaling Wizards, a lead generation agency for U.S based loan officers generate 27 meetings in 10 weeks.

What's Included

Growth Plan

Our process unveiled


We delve into your business and target market, allowing us to lay the foundation for your outreach systems.


Deploying the campaigns and systems we’ve developed for your business.


Leveraging insights gathered from our outreach we fine-tune to ensure consistent, long term growth


Most Commonly Asked Questions

Our lead qualification process begins with targeting only the most precise and relevant leads that align with your ideal client persona. Once a lead responds, a dedicated appointment setter will engage in direct conversations. They introduce your business and its services, while also delving into the lead’s specific situation through insightful questions.This careful process helps us determine if the lead meets your criteria. Those who qualify are then scheduled for a call with you or your team, ensuring that your time is only spent on prospects with genuine potential.

Our “pay per show” approach revolves around our commitment to generating meaningful meetings with ideal prospects. Therefore, you are only charged for meetings with qualified individuals who actually attend the scheduled sessions. This means that you’ll be billed exclusively for the opportunities that materialise into real interactions, ensuring that your investment aligns with concrete results.

In instances where a prospect is unable to attend a scheduled meeting, you won’t be charged. Our appointment setters will promptly follow up with the prospect to address their concerns and reschedule a new meeting at a time that suits them better.

No. We create our email accounts under separate but similar domains. We will never ask for access to your email accounts. Your privacy and security are of paramount importance to us.

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